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Betting a Stain on Indian Cricket

The most common loop holes we find in Indian sports are not inefficiency or lack of proper training but are Betting. Talking about cricket, we see that most of the scams are related to players taking lucre from various bidders, this particular is totally against the sportsman spirit. A game needs to cheat and thug free only then a correct outcome can derived or else things will turn into a total hoax. The Supreme Court’s verdict said that, “BCCI's constitution was incapable of achieving the values of transparency, objectivity and accountability.” And just after this, K.K . Venugopal said that, “A law must be passed that legalises betting”, well but the truth is, betting is against Indian culture and more importantly is a wrong ethic, Therefore the idea of legalising betting should be rejected with a brow beat as it can prove to be belladonna for India’s youth.


Submitted By :Shubham Surya




Well Trojan horse is said to be a virus. It is a type of virus that does not directly effects the computer but it slowly damages the data inside it. It is also known as slow virus. You may not be known for months that this virus is affecting your gadget. Just as the Trojan horse is terrorism. Terrorism is a curse. Terrorism slowly gets to the roots of any country or region and slowly it poisons the entire arena of that place. Talking about reality and not any ideal state today the greatest topic to think and rely upon is terrorism. Terrorism is the murder of humanity. Terrorism incarnates destruction devastation and inhumanity with it. Talking of Isis attacks in Paris or Syrian attacks. One thing is very clear in our mindset that terrorism is only the destruction of innocent people who have not harmed anybody. The main motive of terrorists like Isis is to create terror in the hearts of the people so that they can rule for centuries. but we all know the power of love . We all know that where there is love there is no hatred. And so we all have to try to help each other to get out of this ridiculous situation. Hitler was a very powerful and intelligent man. He had the ambition t of conquering Europe but he couldn't because he had no love for humanity. So hatred cannot rule till we have a determination of keeping humanity alive and helping each other.

-: Madhav Mundra