Our Vision

  • To Encapsulate creativity ,sensitivity and responsibility.

  • To assimilate fine fibers of values in the fabric of life as a shield and armour.

  • To transform every scar into a star in the horizon of life.


  • Every child to be enlightened enough to embrace humanity above all and to convert their globe into a worthy, peaceful place.

Our Goal

  • To give vent to emotions ,artistry and innovative ideas to stimulate learning ambience which will help them to become worthy asset to the milieu by proper amalgamation of reason, vision and action.

Our Motto

The candle in the emblem symbolizes the light of knowledge to spill out the darkness of ignorance, igniting light every where.
The open book is an image for inviting all the students to explore the hidden knowledge. Green leaves synchronizing peace and prosperity in the society.
The Motto of our school is Love, service and Sacrifice. Love to encompass the whole humanity. Service of the creation of lesser God and sacrifice to uplift humanity from the abyss of ignorance.
Your Alma Matar wants you to carve a niche for yourself and leave a path for the prosperity to tread