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St.Paul's  Convent Sr.Sec.School

Welcome to St. Paul's Convent Sr. Sec. School, Ujjain.

St. Paul's Convent Sr. Sec. School, Ujjain, opened on 4th July 1979, is a Catholic Christian Institution under the management of the Diocese of Ujjain. This Charitable and Educational Society was registered under Madhya Pradesh Society Registration Act 1973, on 14th November 1973, Reg. No. 3483. The school is affiliated to Central Board of Secondary Education, Delhi.

The institution aims at imparting quality education to all children, irrespective of caste, creed or social status and strives to achieve the integral development of the human personality. The physical, intellectual, social and spiritual aspects of the children are given special attention from the early stages of formation.
The timeless values that are common to all religions are being inculcated in the minds of the students. Efforts are also being made to familiarize the students with the modern developments in science and technology. The main purpose of the school is to develop good character, loyal citizenship and able leadership for one's own enrichment and for the service of the society and nation.


Hail, hail, St. Paul, hail great apostle of Christ
We now proclaim the greatness of your name
Rejoice in the triumph of your sacrifice
Your agonies, your tears, your pain
Following your footsteps, great St. Paul
The Church now stands, proud and tall

His bitter enemy you were in "Saul"
His dearest friend you came to be in "Paul"
When His light shone on you that glorious day
Telling you what to do and say
A prophet to the world, a light to the nations
Giving your life, Him who loved you,
Jesus Christ, God's Son.


    In a spectacular event of the propitious Investiture Ceremony held on 1st July'17 ,St.pauls prepared a platform to chisel its for future leaders . Principal sis. Rose Tom welcomed the chief guest Bishop Dr .Sebastien Veddekkal to grand gala of administering the oath taking ceremony .The school captains Aporve Shrivastav and Rachana Kulkarni and the whole school cabinet took the oath.















    Exuberant joys , escalating energy n exulting enthusiasm was exhibited in St. Paul's Convent Sr.Sec school Ujjain on occasion of independence day.

    Patriotism pounded the hearts of every St.Paulian when the tiranga was hoisted by His excellency mar Sebastian Veddekkal, along with the manager of the school reverant fr. Sebastian Mullamagalam.Principal sister Rosetom welcomed the chief guest who later ignited a spark of patriotism in his fiery speech .

    This gracious occasion echoed with the spellbinding songs and dances which heightened the zeal which was further enhanced by a drama on unity ,and voice of Youngistaan song .Vice principal sister. Linet , coordinated the programme meticulously, marked by the presence of hindi medium.

    Headmistress sister Betti .The soul soothing melody,' E mere vatan k logo ....'by Anubhuti sharma a liitle girl ,won tremendous admiration.The programme was beautifully painted in tricolour by the anchors Palak Sharma and Arish Qureshi .Vote of thanks was proposed by Swati singh Chouhan.